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The Turkish Connection!

My next book, “The Turkish Connection,” is an urban fantasy, the first book in a series called “Sleuthing with Mortals.”
Lin Thoren, a minor Norse goddess turned private detective, is married to the god Hoenir (now known as Hunter). Lin hires Mary Lambert to live in as ghostwriter of Lin’s memoirs. They live in a Washington, D.C suburb.
Although ancient, Lin and Hunter are youthful and beautiful; neither shares human views of morality – sexual or otherwise. Mary becomes Hunter’s lover and will bear his child. Far from being jealous, Lin welcomes Mary as part of the family. She plays, too, after all.
Mary records Lin’s memoir, which covers many eras, cultures, and historical events, often humorously. But in the main, this book recounts how she thwarted a human sex trafficking ring, tracking it from a brothel in her hometown to a camp for Syrian refugees in Turkey.
What a shock when she discovers that two other gods survived the final battle.
I'll keep you posted!

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